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If you are building a new house, shop or even looking at doing a retro fit and in the market for SprayFoam insulation. Then give us a call! We have an insulation package to fit your needs!
spray foam insulation

Spray Foam insulation (open & closed cell)

Spray foam insulation is a composite material formed when two chemicals (isocyanate and polyol resin, typically) meet. Kept in two separate hoppers or tanks and transported by gas pressure or a liquid, these chemicals meet at the tip of a spray gun. When they meet, they react to each other and create a foam solution. This foam then dries in place and creates an effective air and vapor barrier.

Within this foam are little pockets known as “cells.” These cells create air gaps and barriers that make it difficult for heat energy and sound to pass through the foam. And, since the foam expands to the space in which it’s sprayed, these pockets will reach even the small nooks and crannies. These characteristics make spray foam a very effective insulator.

Roofing foam sealant​

Roofing foam sealant

Spray foam roof insulation appears to be the present roofing solution that people want to use for their homes over other roofing products due to its reliable properties. It offers an advanced minimum R-value and firmer airtight capacity based on standard energy codes.

With professional spray foam roof insulation, you don’t need to worry about moisture building up from inside the roof walls. The vapor stays outside, and no mold will be able to grow from the inside. This also translates to increasing your home’s longevity and the welfare of your family.

metal building foam insulation

Metal building foam insulation

Condensation is when your metal building sweats because of the change of temperature inside the building. A solution for condensation in a metal building is CondenStop. CondenStop is a thin spongey layer that absorbs moisture. This is directly applied to your metal panels during manufacturing. The spongey layer absorbs moisture and stops it from dripping* off of the panel.

Manufacture building foam insulation ​

Manufacture building foam insulation

From protecting and preparing your facility for cost-effective, energy efficient and safe operation to creating injection-molded components, our polyurethane products are replacing traditional materials with a more durable, cost-effective, more sustainable alternative in modern manufacturing.

It’s becoming more and more common for polyurethane foam products like our Foamsulate series to be used in the factory environment as a manufacturing material.

new build foam insulation

New build spray foam insulation

Foam insulation is two to three times more expensive than traditional insulation, like cellulose or fiberglass.

While foam is more expensive upfront, the air seal reduces the long-term cost of spray foam with lower monthly energy costs, no future insulation replacement costs, as well as the comfort problems solved by foam insulation.

When building a new home, it is important to not only look at the initial costs, but also the lifetime cost of the insulation as well as the future problems it will prevent.

It’s also important to note that cellulose and fiberglass will settle and breakdown over time and loose insulation performance. This also adds more cost as these materials need to be replaced.

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TX Foam did a fantastic job on my metal building, very reasonable rates and great communication. Justin Miller takes care of business. 5 star all the way.
Tx foam energy insulated our manufacturing warehouse with nothing less than “expertise” service! They sticked to the plan and definitely know the spray foam insulation industry on a large scale. Highly recommend!
Great job on the Bro Barn! Thanks!
Justin Miller did a outstanding job for me I highly recommend him to do your job.
Very professional group and will only use TX Foam Energy for my projects going forward!
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